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Currently it is not a rare thing to see virtual influencer to promote some brand or service. I don't know others but K-pop world also started to be virtualized. As a lover of all trendy things, the use of virtual idols awakened on me mixed feelings, much more excitement and surprise.

According to Instagram accounts of some virtual influencers that very popular in Korea like Eternity Yeoreum, Rozy, Han Yua, they started as influencers and now they also releasing songs and mv and being a part of K-pop community.


Eternity - Paradise


Rozy and Han Yua are solo artists, while Eternity is a group of 11 members (?) and with separate debut line (how hard to understand 😅)

All in all technology doesn't stay in one place, so maybe virtual idols can be a great way to promote Kpop in the future.








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