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On the afternoon of the 3rd, a profile image of "GAEUL" was posted on Ive's official SNS channel.

In the released image, "GAEUL" draws attention by wearing a neat white top and revealing a pure atmosphere. In particular, "GAEUL" shows a beautiful visual that stands out with clear features despite black and white photos.

Born in 2002, GAEUL will take on a rap position to enrich Ive's music. Expectations are already rising for the passion and charm that "GAEUL," which combines perfect visuals and outstanding rap skills, will show on stage.

Following the leader "YUJIN", "GAEUL" was released, and Ive is receiving great attention from global fans even though it is its official debut. As a result, attention is focused on what kind of charm the four members who are about to be unveiled will also have.

IVE's profile and promotion schedule will be opened one after another through its official SNS channel.





sources : Starship



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